PromptWink Copyright Notice

PromptWink is an AI prompt word sharing platform. The prompt words on the platform are uploaded by the creators themselves for other users to learn and communicate with. If your rights are infringed, please send an email to We will review and remove relevant prompt words.

PromptWink provides users with related functions such as uploading and viewing prompt words. We attach great importance to the protection of copyright and user rights. If the prompt words you upload involve copyright issues, we will have the right to remove and delete your prompt words.

1. PromptWink conducts a strict review of each uploaded prompt word, discloses the basic review standards to users, and reminds users to strictly abide by laws and regulations and respect the legitimate rights and interests of others. Users are not allowed to upload and disseminate any illegal or infringing prompt words.

2. For users who violate the regulations and upload infringement prompt words, PromptWink has the right to punish and remove them from the website in accordance with the relevant regulations of the website. When there are reasons to believe that there are obvious infringements, violations of laws, public interests, etc. in prompt words, PromptWink has the right to remove such infringing prompt words without prior notice and has the right to remove them from the shelves.

3. PromptWink strictly protects the prompt words on this platform. Without the authorization of the creator of the prompt word, users are prohibited from reprinting PromptWink's prompt words to other websites for sharing and selling. Once discovered, the account viewing function will be suspended by the system, and in severe cases, it will be immediately banned and PromptWink will pursue its relevant legal responsibilities in accordance with the law.

4. Users who upload prompt words on PromptWink are deemed to have agreed to the corresponding measures taken by PromptWink in relation to the above situations. PromptWink will not assume any liability for breach of contract or any other legal liability as a result.

If your rights and interests are infringed, please send an email to ( in time. We will handle it as soon as possible, thanks for your patience.